Sunday, 24 August 2014

A zine i never ended up finishing

Yeah this was supposed to be one of those DIY style zines, printed on a standard photocopier down the local newsagents. Punk as fuck, indepenadant sketchy little magazine. My initial idea i had was to illustrate a story or a poem or something generic like that. But then i happened to stumble across an article online about short stories, and started to wonder how short the shortest story ever written, was. It turned out that writing 1-2 sentence stories is an actual 'thing', and a true test of a storyteller.
I managed to find a lot of them online, some better than others, and after reading a lot I picked out the ones i thought would be most interesting to put images to. Granted they seemed to just be the creepiest and bleakest of stories, but nevertheless these were the ones i picked, and here are my illustration.

I’m coming to visit you up there buddy. Please open the door.

Her face said enough.

Mommy took me to the zoo. I am still waiting for her to come back.

Ever since he was a boy, he had an undying passion for a woman’s beautiful eyes. Now on his deathbed, he insists that his collection of 300 pairs of eyes be buried with him.

Skeletor Canvases

                                               FOR SALE  - £15 EACH
      Drop me a message if you have any color preferences, they are customisable.

Hip Hop Canvases

Oh yeah ive been doing a lot of spray painting the past year. I did a commision a few weeks back for someone that wanted portraits of Snoop Dogg, Dre Dre and Tupac. All painted in graffiti stencil style. 
I sold the set for £120. If anyone wants one, let me know. I have the stencils now so i can mass produce them, technically. They almost killed me to be honest. I had to trace the images onto tracing paper off of a widescreen TV, then trace that onto A3 paper. Do this 3 times for each color in the portrait. Then with a scalpel and a cutting mat I sat there for 3 hours slicing out each annoying bit of paper, untill my legs were dead from sitting on the floor for so long.
Anyways it all payed off and i was left with these bad boys :


Just a silly little character i painted at Liverpool Zap Graffiti.

Design Work for Evil Eye Bar

I am currently working on a commision for a  new bar which is opening in my city called Evil Eye.
It is a Mexican themed bar that serves beer and burritos, and in keeping with the theme i have been asked to design some mexican style characters which will be used for advertising purposes such as posters, flyers and teeshirts. <----(Click)
They have also requested having some of them painted on the walls within the bar, which im supposed to be doing this week, so that will be fun.

The client had asked for 'Mis Noapaels' / Mexican Day Of The Dead style of illustration, which i am already a big fan of, and so i came up with the idea to do iconic celebreties in this style. Brilliant people, such as Predator and Mr Miyagi, obviously.

Predator & Jimi Hendrix

Batman & Mr Miyagi

Kurt Cobain

Featuring in Liverpool's Bido Lito Magazine

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Farm Feast 2014 Food Fesival Commission

Poster Design (Black)
Poster Design (Blue)
Poster Design (Brown)
Character Design (Robot Chicken)
Character Design (UFO Chicken)
Character Design (Hungry Robot Chicken)
A3 Prints

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A wall in my house

The creature drawn on the wall in black will soon be painted over in pastel pink to fit with our redecoration of the bedroom. 
I might have been sad about this if I didn't think for one second that this current design was truly awful for anything other than art studio or a depressed artists squat. However after taking this photograph I was inspired by the admitdly acidental arrangement and composition of my created images, in regards to the laying out my work for future exhibitions. Combining canvas art and flyer art of different thicknesses as well as mural type illustration actually drawn onto the wall. It makes for a much more exciting and interesting viewing experience as appose to such a standard exhibition of framed pictures hanging side by side at right angles.

Spray Can Characters

Spray paint & Posca